YouTube is now more popular than ever before and the world’s largest video-sharing website. Usually, viewers stay at youtube while watching videos and doing other stuff. When it comes to listening to music you don’t want to keep youtube open on your iPhone and let it consume your iPhone’s battery. So in this guide, I will share every possible method on how to play youtube videos in background on iPhone with iOS 13 or above.

There are many ways and applications that you can use to keep youtube playing in the background while using other applications on your device. Methods today I am going to share a method that works perfectly on all devices with iOS 13 and above.


Best Way to Play YouTube Videos in Background on iPhone/iPad (iOS 13 or above)


This guide includes almost all of the possible ways through which iOS users can keep playing youtube playing on their devices while texting or playing games. But the best and most convenient way to get it done is through a Dolphin Browser. This browser is easily available for all iPhone/iPad users to download from the app store.

Click Here to Download Dolphin Browser

Once you have downloaded this Dolphin browser on your device follow this procedure.

  • Open Dolphin Web Browser.
  • Go to YouTube
  • Select and play video
  • Go back to Home Screen. (video will pause)
  • Open control center
  • Tap the Play Button from the music widget.

Once you have tapped the play button from the control center, the video will start playing in the background and you can do other stuff on your phone. If you do not like to play videos like this every time check the below section for more suitable methods.

But for some reason, many users do not want to download third-party applications on their iPhone/iPad. For those hate third-party applications and want to enjoy youtube music in the background with the pre-installed application below is the way.


How to Play Youtube Videos in Background on iPhone using Safari Browser

how-to-play-youtube-in-background-iphone-2019Basically, you can play youtube videos in the background using the Safari web browser and you don’t need to download any third-party application. Normally, when you go to the home screen while playing youtube video through safari the video stops. But there is a way to keep video playing in the background and using other tasks simultaneously.

To do so follow the below steps;

  • Open Safari Web Browser.
  • Go to
  • Tap on Share icon for the bottom menu and slide to right.
  • Tap on request Desktop Site (It will redirect you to the desktop version).
  • Now, play any video you like on youtube and tap on the red play button.

That’s it! Now you can go back to your home screen and enjoy other applications. Youtube video will keep playing in the background and you can pause & play it from the control center. If the video stops open control center by swapping down from the top. And tap the play button from the music widget to play the video again. This method works fine for iPhones/iPads with iOS 13 or above.

Tip: Users on the iPhone X series or with iOS 13 can request a desktop site by holding the refresh button on the Safari web browser page.


How I can keep playing youtube in Background if my device is not up to date?

Don’t worry! There are also a couple of playing youtube in the background for iPhone/iPad users with older versions iOS. As I mentioned there are a couple of ways but here I am only going to mention that is best, easy and works every time for everyone. This method works fine for all iOS devices whether they on iOS 13 or older versions. To enjoy youtube videos/music in the background all you need is just to install the Opera-mini web browser on your iOS device. The best part here is you do not need to request a youtube desktop version every time.

Once, you have installed it on your device follow these steps;

  • Open the Oper-mini web browser.
  • Go to Youtube.
  • Select and play your favorite video.
  • Go back to the home screen.
  • Now open the control center and tap play button from the music widget.

There you go! Now video should be playing in the background. If it doesn’t! Go back to the browser reload the video and play it. When you go to the home screen the video will of course pause. To play the video open control center by swapping down from the top for the latest device and by swapping up from the down for the older device. And hit the play button from the music widget to start playing video/music.

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How to Keep Youtube Videos Playing in Background on iPhone or iOS 13 without Requesting Desktop Site

play-youtube-in-background-ios-11This is also a great way to play favorite youtube music videos in the background without download any additional web browser and requesting a desktop site version every time. This is a tested and proven method of playing youtube videos in the background on iOS 13 and iPhone X series.

All you need is just to download a simple application called Video Banana. Which is easily available for all iOS users in all countries. The interface of the application is very similar to Youtube and includes almost every youtube feature which is great.


Download BananaVideo

I hope you have got the solution what you were looking for. If you know another awesome of playing youtube videos in background on iPhone/iPad let us and others know in the comment section below.


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