Another Life Saved Thanks to Apple Watch
Apple Watch has become something much bigger than thought, and the lives saved by Apple’s device continue to grow. The advent of new functions such as electrocardiogram has been very important for detecting heart problems. But, there is also another feature that has become critical to helping users.
It’s about fall detection, a feature built into the Apple Watch Series 4. The feature detects when someone fall and doesn’t get up. Then the watch calls in emergencies and sends a message to their family with location. A few months ago fall detection saved an 87-year-old woman and now she’s done it again with Kate Donald.

Apple Watch is Much More Than a Watch

The case has occurred in Australia and reported by NewsCorp Australia. Kate Donald suffers from epilepsy and suffered an attack while alone at home. Luckily, she was wearing her Apple Watch Series 4 which detected the fall and notified emergencies.

The SOS emergency function, which also showed Kate’s location, sent a message to her husband Ben. Ben was not at home, so he called neighbors and asked to help her. When they entered their home and called an ambulance, emergency services told them they were on their way.
Apple Watch continued to send messages to Ben with the location until he arrived at the hospital. This made him to follow his wife at all times. An incredible story that shows the incredible capabilities of the Apple Watch. In cases like Kate’s, it becomes a must-have device for tracking illness and in this case it has been able to save her life.
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