Delete Photos From iPhone but not iCloud Photo Library

delete-photos-from-iphone-without-deleting-from-icloud-photo-libraryThere could be a couple of reasons that you want to delete photos from iPhone but not iCloud Photo Library. You might not want to keep old photos or need more storage on your iPhone. Are just looking for the way to free up space on your iPhone? then, go to the “Alternative Cloud Storage for Photos on iPhone” section in this article.


If you want unlimited storage for photos on your iPhone and do not want to pay monthly charges for iCloud storage. Watch the below video.


If you delete photos from iPhone, are they still on iCloud?

If you have enabled iCloud photo library on your iPhone then any changes made to photos on iPhone will also impact on iCloud. So, if you want to delete photos from your iPhone/iPad but want keep on iCloud then you have to disable iCloud photo library on your iPhone first.

How do I delete photos from iPhone without deleting from iCloud?

There are different methods you can follow to keep photos safe on iCloud and delete from your iPhone/iPad. The first option is to disable iCloud photo library feature on your iPhone/iPad. Because iCloud sync all the data from your iPhone and shows it on all the device attached to iCloud account.

How to Disable iCloud Photo Library on iPhone

To disable iCloud Photo Library on your iPhone, follow the below procedure;

  • Open Setting on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Go to Apple ID.
  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Now, tap on Photos.
  • And, Disable iCloud Photo Library Feature.


Once iCloud photo library feature is turned off on your iPhone then any changes made from your iPhone won’t reflect on iCloud unless you feature is turned on again.

Note: This method is only useful if you can keep iCloud photo library permanently off. Because iCloud photo library is synced with storage if you enable it again after deleting photos from your iPhone it will also remove photos from iCloud.

If you do not want to disable or turn off iCloud photo library feature then you can create and sign in with a new iCloud account. Before you create a new account and sign in, make sure you are signed out of your current iCloud account. Here is how to sing out of iCloud account.

How to sign out of iCloud Account on iPhone

Sign out of your iCloud account before deleting photos from your iPhone. If you use this account again on your iPhone it will sync with device photos library. Here is how to sign out of iCloud account on iPhone/iPad;

  • Go to settings.
  • Tap on iCloud.
  • Scroll down and tap on Sign Out.
  • Tap again on “Sign Out’.
  • Select if you want to keep it on iPhone or Delete.


This is the way you can delete photos from iPhone but iCloud photo library. You can sign in with this account to get all the photos stored on iCloud again on your iPhone.

Alternative Cloud Storage for Photos on iPhone

If you want to move old images and need more storage on your iPhone then you can go for an alternative cloud storage. There are a couple of third-party apps that allows to store tons of data for free including Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc.

You can upload photos directly from your iPhone or transfer photos your PC first then upload all at once. This way you can delete photos from your iPhone and iCloud but keeping previous data secure.

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