Download Instagram Videos on iPhone/iPad

You looking for a way to download Instagram videos on the iPhone/iPad right? This means Instagram officially does not allow to save or download videos from their website to any device. But you want to save some of your favorite Instagram videos from your feed so you can watch them later. In this guide, I will mention every possible way and the best Instagram video downloader for iPhone tools you can use to save any Instagram video from your feed to camera roll.

Using the apps and online tools which I will mention in this guide later you can download all of your favorite Instagram videos and images.

Best Instagram Video Downloader For iPhone

You might have heard about some other third-party apps which allow saving videos from Instagram. But I have been using this application for a couple of months and it works great all the time. What you have to do is to download an app called InstaSaver from the App Store. You can use the below button to download this app from the App Store visiting from your iPhone.


Once you have downloaded this application on your iPhone, now you can use it to download any video to your iPhone’s camera roll. Follow the below procedure to save any Photo/Video to your iPhone using InstaSaver;

  • Open InstaSaver on your iPhone.
  • Enter your user and password to login into your Instagram Account.
  • Select any Photo/Video from your Instagram feed you want to download.
  • Tap on the Share Icon from the bottom right corner.
  • Now, tap on Save.

All the downloaded videos and photos will be saved in the camera roll location. You can also use the search bar in the app to find more videos and download videos from any Instagram profile. This application is totally free to use on any iPhone or iPad but it contains ads.


How to download any Instagram Profile Stories on iPhone

You can use the above methods and application to save photos and videos to your iPhone. But these apps/tools are not useful to download Instagram profile stories. There also many other third-party apps that allow saving profile stories on iPhone. But this app is really awesome because it not only allows saving profile stories but you can also download any photo/video or even complete profile data from Instagram using this app.

So, all you have to do is to download the shortcut for InstaSaver on iPhone. You can download this shortcut from AppStore using the download button below.

Once you have downloaded and installed the Shortcut for InstaSaver on your iPhone. Follow the below steps to save any Instagram Photo, Video, Story or complete profile to your iPhone.

To download the complete Instagram profile data.

  • Open Instagram on your iPhone.
  • Go to the Profile you want to download.
  • Tap on options (3 dots on top right corner) and copy Profile URL.step-by-step-tutorial-to-download-instagram-story-on-iphone
  • Now, go home screen and open ‘Shortcuts‘.dow-do-i-save-instagram-profile-picture-on-my-phone
  • Tap on InstaSave.complete-guide-to-save-instagram-videos-on
  • From the menu, select the type of data you want to download.what-is-the-best-iphone-application-to-save-instagram-stories

As you can see in the above screenshot, InstaSave shortcut allows saving stories, Highlights, HD Profile Picture, Complete Profile, and 12 latest posts. You can select any type of data from the menu you want to save to your iPhone.


To save any Photo/Video from Instagram.

  • Open the Instagram App on your iPhone.
  • Select any photo/video.
  • Tap on options (3 dots on top right corner).
  • Tap on ‘Share To‘ from the menu.
  • Choose the ‘Shortcuts‘.
  • Tap on ‘InstaSave‘ to save your selected file to iPhone.

InstaSave will download and save your selected photo/video in the camera roll on your iPhone. If you do not see the shortcuts from the menu while downloading make it is added on the home screen.

How to download Instagram Videos on iPhone Online

There are a couple of online websites and tools which you can use to download any Instagram video on your iPhone. The online tool to save Instagram videos to your iPhone online is DownloadInstagramVideos website.

This website is really easy to use all you have to visit this website form your phone and paste the link of the photo, video or profile to save it in your iPhone.

You guys like these methods! Please share your experience with of using this app and if you face any issue let us know in the comment section below.

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