How To Get Spotify Premium For Free on iPhone [100% Working][2020]

Free version of spotify does offer a lot of features but it also contains a lot of ads and you can not skip or download music. There are many ways to get the premium version for free, in this article I will show you the best and easiest way to get it on your iPhone or any other iOS device.

There are two methods in this article which you can follow to get the premium version for free. The first one is to follow instructions explained in the below video and another method is to read this article by the end. It up to you which one you like, both the methods are 100% working.


Is it possible to get Spotify premium for free on iPhone? Yes! There are many ways to get Spotify premium for free on your smartphones. You can download third-party apps that use Spotify API to offer all the premium features of Spotify for free.

Spotify is the world’s best and most popular music app loaded with millions of sounds. Spotify offers a 7 days free trial and then you have to pay monthly charges. But don’t, you don’t need to purchase a monthly subscription when you can enjoy all Spotify premium features for free.

In this guide, I will share the complete step by step guide on how you can get Spotify premium for free on your iPhone/iPad. There is no need to download connect your iPhone to MAC/PC or jailbreak your device. This is a proven method and works fine on all the iOS devices.

By the end of this guide, you will have Spotify++ installed on your iPhone/iPad with all Spotify Premium features. So make sure you follow every step properly showed in the below video to download this app on your iPhone.

Follow the steps to download Spotify++ on your iPhone.


  • Open Safari web browser on iPhone/iPad.
  • Go to AppValley.
  • On the AppValley webpage, just double tap on the screen to download the app.
  • After downloading the app.
  • Go to Settings>General>Profile and Device Management>Jikbao Internal Tech.
  • Tap on ‘AppValley‘ and then ‘Trust this App‘.
  • Go to Home Screen and open AppValley.
  • Swipe up and look for ‘Spotify++‘ and tap on the ‘Get‘ button to download it.

It will take a couple of minutes to download Spotify++ on your iPhone/iPad. Once, it is installed on your device, you can enjoy unlimited music and all the Spotify premium features for free.

In the last month, this method stopped working and users were not able to download spotify++ on their iPhones. But now, I’ve tested it on my iPad and it is working absolutely fine. Sometimes these apps cause problems but their developers fix them in within days.

Best Source To Download Spotify++ Premium



The above method is tested and proven a way to download Spotify++ on any of your iOS devices. But sometimes due to strict Apple policies, AppValley might be down or unavailable to download directly on your iPhone/iPad. So, here is another and quick source to download Spotify++ on your iPhone. Follow these steps;


  • Open Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Go to spotifyplus . xyz or click here.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Select your device you to want download for.

Now it will ask you to download two apps on your device for human verification. If you want to download Spotify++ you have to pass this human verification test. It will take on a few minutes to download the required apps and test them. If you didn’t get any part of the tutorial, watch this video on how to do it and get Spotify++ installed on your iPhone.