How To Make A Call From iPad Pro

Can I Use My iPad To Make Phone Calls? The answer is YES! All you need to be able to start or answer a call from the iPad is to have your iPhone nearby and both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. I mean, it’ll work when we’re home. You’ll also have to have at least iOS 8.1, but by now you’ll probably all have a modern version on your devices. If you read this complete article then by the end you will be able to make a call from your iPad.

Many may not know it, but your iPad is capable of making calls as if it were an iPhone. And I’m not referring to FaceTime calls but to normal calls to any type of number and device. This is a feature that Apple included a long time ago in iOS called Continuity and that will be of great help to us on many occasions. 

To Make a Call from your iPad

It should be clarified that the iPad is not able to make calls on its own, that’s why it needs the iPhone to be able to do it. The first thing you’ll need to do is activate a couple of settings on both your iPhone and iPad.

Settings to turn on on your iPhone

  • Go to “Settings” on your iPhone
  • Select “Phone
  • Tap on “Call on other Devices“.
  • Tap on “Allow Calls on Other Devices” to turn this feature on.
  • Now, Select the iPad you want to make a call from.





To Enable Calls on iPad

Once you are done with settings on iPhone, now grab your iPad and follow the below instruction to make your iPad ready for calls.

  • Open “Settings” on iPad.
  • Tap “FaceTime“.
  • Tap to turn on “Calls from iPhone


Once these settings are activated, then you can make and receive calls on your iPad, . To call from iPad, simply go to;

  • Contacts
  • Select the contact you want to call.
  • and, Tap the phone Icon.

The call will be made from the iPhone but everything will happen on the iPad, by default the hands-free will be activated and you can talk to whoever you want. Or ask Siri to place a call for you on your iPad.


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How to Make Calls from iPad with FaceTime

If you are unable to activate the above settings at the moment or don’t want to go through the process and still need to make a call from the iPad. Then there is another option available for you which allows both audio and the video call that is called Facetime. To make calls from your iPad with FaceTime follow the below instructions;

  • Open FaceTime on your iPad.
  • Tap on “+” to start a new call.
  • Enter an email, phone # or name of the person you want to call.
  • Select the contact.
  • and, tap on audio or video to place a call.

If you find this method useful then don’t forget to share it with others. If you any problem let us know in the comment section below.

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