How to Reboot Mac In Safe Mode


There could be a couple of reasons to start a Mac in safe mode. Mostly it is required to diagnose and fix the problems that are preventing your MacBook to start normally. So, if your device is having issues related to startup, you may want to read this complete guide on how to reboot Mac in safe mode.

When a Mac/Macbook starts in Safe Mode there are several features that might not be available during the session.


Steps to Reboot Mac in Safe Mode

To activate safe mode on Macbook, make sure it is switched off. Follow the below step according to start your MacBook in safe mode.

  1. Press the Power button.
  2. Press and hold the “Shift” button until you see the login window.
  3. Your MacBook will take a while to check and repair files.
  4. Let your MacBook delete cached files.
  5. When you see the login screen, now you can release the shift button.

How to Reboot MacBook in Safe Mode Remotely?

If you don’t have physical access to your Mac or your keyboard is not working then you can set commands on your Mac to reboot in Safe Mode.

Open Terminal to access the command line and use the below terminal command to reboot your device in safe mode.

sudo nvram boot-args=”-x”


Use the below terminal command to reboot Mac in normal mode.


sudo nvram boot-args=””


How To Check Safe Mode Boot on Mac?

Once you see the login window, make sure it is in safe mode by checking the safe mode label in the top right corner of the screen. Now you can log in to your Macbook through safe mode and find issues that were causing the problem.


Another way to check if your device is booted in safe mode or not is through checking from “System Information“. When a user boots the operating system in safe mode system information shows Boot Mode as Safe. When the device starts normally it shows Boot Mode “Normal” in system information.

To Check Safe Mode from System information;

  • Go to “Apple Menu”.
  • Click “About this Mac”.
  • Click on “System Report”.
  • Go to the “Software section”.

and you will find these details here.


If the problem didn’t occur while rebooting the MacBook in safe mode, try rebooting the device normally. Because it might be possible that your MacBook was causing a problem due to the cached files which were deleted while booting in safe mode.

If you feel lost at any point you may visit the official Apple Guide Page.

How to Exit Safe Mode on Mac?


Once you have found the issues that were causing the problem on your Mac and fixed them. Now, you can start your device in normal by just restarting or shutting down.

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