How To Install Fonts On iPad Pro


Are you looking for the method to install and manage fonts on your iPhone/iPad? In this article, I will share the best apps and step by step procedure on how to install fonts on iPad pro or iPhone for free.

So in this article, I will not only share how to install fonts on iPad pro but also how you can download and use unlimited fonts on your iPad Pro for free.

There is no way that you can directly download and install fonts on iPad pro/iPhone. Therefore, you have download a third-party app which will let you install downloaded fonts on your iPad pro.

Best Apps to Install Fonts on iPad Pro/iPhone

You can use any one of these you like first is paid and the rest of the two are free to download. With Fonteer In this article, I will share how you can download and install fonts with AnyFonts on iPad pro.

 These apps are also available to download on iPhone device and can be used to install fonts on iPhone. 

How to Install Fonts on iPad Pro Using AnyFont

best-app-to-manage-fonts-on-ipadAnyFont iPad Pro app comes with tons of pre-downloaded fonts, you can select any one of these to install on you iPad Pro easily. But make sure you don’t install any font directly from the AnyFont app. It might cause any an error while installing. Just follow the below procedure how to install fonts from AnyFont without any issue.

You can download AnyFont App from the App Store or Click Here to Dowload.

Once you have downloaded and installed it in your iPad pro, launch the app. On the first page you will see list of fonts that you already have installed and using on your iPad.

As I mentioned above you can not install font directly form the app. You first have to send the Font file as attached document in the email. You can download font file from any website like e.

  • Select and Download font file you want to install on your iPad.
  • Send the font file to yourself in an email.
  • Tap and open the attachment(Font file) on your email.
  • Now, tap on the “Share” icon from the top right corner.
  • Swipe and tap on “AnyFont” icon. (it will open AnyFont app)
  • Now, tap on the Font you want to install.
  • Tap the Font Icon to start the installation.
  • Tap on Allow to Install.

After you tap on install, it will direct you to the settings. From the setting tap again on install if require and allow permission to install. Once the installation process is finished, tap on the Done button and start using the font.

After installing fonts you can test them if they’re working fine or not. You can use any app which supports third-party fonts e.g. MS Word, to test fonts you just have installed on your iPad.

 Note: Not all apps on iPad pro support custom fonts downloaded from third-party app or website. 


How to Install Fonts on iPad from Dafont For Free


As I have shared the method above you can use to install and use most of the fonts on your iPad pro. But there is an issue, which is AnyFont might not allow downloading fonts from third-party apps and websites. So, you can download and install iFont on your iPad. This is one of my favorite font app available on the App Store because:

  • It is Free
  • Allows to Download Fonts from Dafont, FontSpace, 1001Fonts and Google Fonts.
  • Support Multiple font formats including.
  • Allows installing fonts within the app.
  • Font testing
  • and much more…

You can download and install iFont app from the App Store or Click here. Once, download and installation process has finished following the below steps to install fonts on iPad from Dafont;

  • Launch the iFont application on iPad.
  • Tap on “Get Fonts” icon from the bottom right corner.
  • Now, select the source e.g. Dafont.
  • Search and tap on download the font you want to install.
  • Tap on “Import to iFont“.
  • Now, tap on “Files” section from the bottom and then “install” button.
  • Allow permission to install the font on the iPad.
  • Finally, Tap on Done.

After you tap on done, the newly installed font is ready to use on your iPad. You can test the font by typing in documents that allow custom fonts or within the iFont app.

Free Fonts For iPad

There are many third-party apps/websites that allow download and use tons of free fonts for any device. Visit, download and use free fonts on your iPad from the below website.

  1. Google Fonts
  2. DaFont
  3. Fontspace
  4. 1001Fonts


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If you like this article share it with friends and colleagues. If you face any issue while downloading and installing app or font on your iPad let us in the comment section below.

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