Week after week we share with you the best accessories, gadgets and devices related to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And this week was not going to be different, we have inquired through the network to find a series of home automation accessories that will allow you to control its functions from the comfort of your iOS terminal.

By being compatible with HomeKit , you will have the possibility to ask Siri for things like “turn on the living room light”, “lower the temperature” and much more. But this is not all, there are also health monitoring accessories that will provide you with all kinds of data and information through applications in the App Store.

In addition, some of these accessories are on sale at Amazon . So if you are thinking of purchasing one of these gadgets compatible with HomeKit, it is the right time. And some of them are real cheap at the moment!


Let us leave the thermometers of a lifetime behind and let’s go digital, with this smart thermometer you can receive all the data on your body temperature on the iPhone and iPad in a matter of a second . It is capable of storing information from 16 different users and collects the last 30 measures so you can take a look at the history. It is also ideal for infants and young children since taking the temperature in a second hardly bothers them.


  • Koogeek Electroestimulador Abdominal Bluetooth


Didn’t you have time this year to complete the bikini operation? Whether you are a man or a woman, this device will help you get your abdomen in shape without just moving from your home sofa. Although you can also accompany it with physical exercise! It works through electrical stimulations and has up to 10 different intensity levels that you can control from your iPhone and iPad.

  • Weather Station


This curious device will offer you the possibility of controlling in real time the environment inside and outside your home. Both temperature and humidity, air quality and even noise level. You can receive alerts, analyze data history and control the quality of the air you breathe on your iPhone.


  • Smooth Camera Stabilizer


This Zhiyun stabilizer will help you improve the quality of your iPhone’s camera videos. It is not a home automation accessory as such, but you can easily control it from your iPhone. Choose which scene you want to record, the movements of your iPhone in time-lapse mode, add filters, improve the stability of your videos … Highly recommended!


  • Netatmo Smart Indoor Security Camera


A fabulous security camera from Netatmo that has a lot of features that you can control from your iPhone and iPad, and also has a spectacular design. An ideal camera to protect the safety of your home and even to monitor the welfare of your pets and your children. It has alarm detection, night vision mode, movement detection, facial recognition and will send you notifications every time you see an unknown person or an unusual movement.


  • Bluetooth Weight Scale


This Koogeek scale synchronizes with your iPhone and iPad to offer you all the measurements of your body weight through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It will provide you with measures of weight, BMI (body mass index), body fat, fat mass, bone mass, BMR (basal metabolism rate and visceral fat. It is capable of storing the data of 16 users and offers all kinds of graphs in its official app and the design is not bad.


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  • Smart Wifi Light Switch


We already have recommended lamps, bulbs and LEDs compatible with HomeKit so you can control the light of each room of your home from your iPhone, from your iPad, from your iPod touch and even with HomePod and Apple Watch. But there are other alternatives, such as this smart switch that you can turn on without getting off the couch. Useful, don’t you think?