How to Print Double Sided On Mac [2020]


Printing double-sided on MAC is fairly easy process and the task could be done with just a few clicks when you have a duplex printer attached with your Mac. Normally, duplex printers are used for printing double-sided documents. Duplex printers are amazing for saving efforts and time while printing double sided documents.

Can I print a double-sided document with normal printer?

Yes! Please check the guide for printing double-sided printed papers from normal printer.

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To avoid any inconvenience during printing make sure your printer is turned on, attached to the Mac and have full-size blank pages on your printer. Another thing you wanna check is that papers in printer’s tray are not exceeding maximum capacity.

Steps to Print Double Sided PDF Files on Mac

  • Open the document on your Mac you wish to print.
  • Now press CMD+P or go to file and click print from the top bar menu.


  • Select your attached printer from the printer drop down menu.


If no settings are being displayed on the dialog box click on show details.

  • Click the double sided print checkbox on the dialog.


  • Now click preview drop down menu and select the layout.

Now there is two sided print drop-down menu where you can select Long-Edge Binding for printing double sided document in booklet style with the text in the same orientation for sides of the page or Short-Edge Binding for printing paper in tablet-style with text in the opposite orientation on each page of the paper.

  • After selecting the desired setting click on “Print” to get double sided printed document from your printer.printing-double-sided-google-docs-on-mac

Note: The above method works fine for all types of the documents whether you want to print Microsoft Word file, Power Point presentation or a PDF file.

How to print online document on both sides of the paper using Mac?

The process is the same for printing online documents using Mac. Press CMD+P to open printing dialog while you are on the document page and use the same method for mentioned above. Download the document with few clicks if you face any problem while printing document directly from the web.

How to print double sided paper without duplex printer on Mac?

If you want to print double-sided papers regularly then we suggest you to buy a duplex printer for saving time and efforts.

From the normal printer, you can obtain two-sided printed documents but you have to perform tasks manually. So, basically you have to use same paper for printing two times on each side of the paper.

  • To do so, first you have to print normal one-sided page from the printer.
  • Pick the printed paper and flip the paper to the blank side and put in the printer’s tray for printing the other side of the paper.
  • Now select the next page from printing dialog on the Mac and Click print.

It requires efforts and time but works!

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