The arrival of summer takes us irretrievably to the beach, to make excursions in the mountains and to enjoy good times in the pool, either with friends or family. Likewise, our iPhone is always a guest companion, although we have to take some precautions when performing certain activities. So here we have a series of practical steps that anyone can follow to protect their iPhone from summer while having a good time on the beach or wherever you are.

We know that heat does not feel good to electronic devices, it can affect its operation and cause some damage if you do not remedy it immediately. To prevent all this from happening, we’ve prepared a series of useful recommendations designed to keep your device from suffering the summer rigors.

So, below are the steps that you can follow to prevent your iPhone from being overheated. Following these steps will not only help you protect your iPhone from the summer heat, but it’ll also increase your phone’s life span so you don’t need to buy a new one unless there is a new release out there.

Making use of the common sense

Avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun is the main task, we understand that going to the beach without the iPhone can be boring, but if you can’t resist it, try not to leave it anywhere and never lose sight of it. A good way to avoid giving it to the sun directly is to wrap it in the T-shirt or towel.

Change covers

Or directly, take it off. Maybe that thick case you use always gives too much heat to the device. There are much lighter ones or made from materials that don’t keep as much heat. Your rubber or silicone case can probably be replaced by another. And if you’re bold, enjoy the pleasure of carrying your phone without a holster.

Don’t Leave Your iPhone in the Car

A car in the sun takes a lot of temperature, and unless you leave it in an underground car park, the temperatures reached inside a vehicle can reach 60 degrees. If for any reason you have to leave it in the car, leave the phone always off and in the glove compartment.

Charge it without Case

Apply this trick whenever you can, charging the iPhone without a case is one of the ways to protect it from overheating. Whether you do it by cable or charge it wirelessly, getting rid of the case avoids unnecessary upsets.

Be very careful with Brightness

Yes, if you have the brightness set to maximum there may be a risk of heating. The smartest thing in these cases is to put the shine in a more matte point. Of course, everyone knows how to lower screen brightness. It’s very simple, it says:


  • Go to Settings > Display and Brightness > Brightness.
  • Use the slider to adjust.


Watch the apps

There are apps that require extra phone effort, especially those that carry location options associated with them. That’s why it’s time to “kill” all those apps like Pokémon GO and the like that have a very high consumption of resources. Let the processor work more relaxed.

I believe you now know how to protect your iPhone from heat and keep it in a good condition while having a good outdoor life in summers.