One of the great innovations of iOS 13 and iPadOS is the opening to external storage that until now seemed vetoed by Apple to use only within certain applications. With the new operating systems this has gone to better life and the new Files app will be able to read USB sticks, external storage disks and SD cards and not only that, we will also be able to create folders and paste files inside the device as if from a computer it was about.

What does this really entail? Lots of options, especially for more professional users who now have a file system that’s more featured than the Macs. We have been able to try this function, as well as many others, and thus check that now we will be able to create a folder with music, photos, videos or any type of file on our iPhone or iPad and paste into it files that come from some storage unit External.

File Management in iOS 13 and iPadOS

This is an important novelty since now our iPhone or iPad will manage the files in a similar way as we would on macOS. Thanks to the Files application, you can view the contents of any external USB stick or SD card and move those files to your device’s memory.

What do we need? Basically you must have iOS 13 or iPadOS installed on your device, the first public beta has already come out so its installation is very simple, plus you will also need an adapter to the Lightning or USB-C connection in case you have the new iPad Pro.

I have personally tried this new feature thanks to an adapter and an SD card, but the method to do it from a memory or external hard drive is similar:

  • Once the USB or SD card is connected, open the Files app.
  • Several locations will appear in the Browse area, including the device’s internal memory and the external USB or card we’ve connected.
  • Now it’s as easy as going to the USB  or SD card, copying the file you want, going to the device’s memory and pasting it.

This is the way to directly transfer data to iPhone or iPad without having to go through any third-party application, you can manage everything from the Files app. A giant step in productivity thanks to iOS 13 and iPadOS.