Transfer Photos From iPhone to PC (Windows 10) – [2020]

Everyone loves taking photos on their iPhones and want to keep them as long as possible. Because photos are memories and no one wants to delete the photos they took with their loved ones. But, it is not a good idea to keep hundreds of or thousands of photos on the phone when you have a bunch of extra space on pc. The best is to transfer all images from the phone to your PC or to some external drive. So you could have a lot more space on your iPhone again. This guide includes a couple of different ways to transfer photos from iPhone to PC (Windows 10) via cable or without cable.

Some iPhone users find it difficult to transfer photos to their PC. It could be tricky sometimes or could get you in trouble to transfer data without any guide and directions. Therefore, this guide includes almost every possible and best way to transfer photos from iPhone to PC (Windows 10).

How to Import Photos from iPhone to Windows 10 with iTunes

You can also import photos from iPhone to Windows 10 with iTunes with a few clicks only. All you have to do is to download iTunes on your pc and install it with recommended settings. Once you have installed iTunes on your PC (windows 10) then you can easily transfer photos from your iPhone to Pc following the below method;


Click Here Download iTunes


After Downloading and Installing iTunes;

  • Connect your iPhone with your PC via cable.
  • Open This PC from desktop or File Explorer.


  • Select and open your iPhone’s folder.
  • Now navigate to Internal Storage>DCIM to open the photos folder.



  • Select all or desired photos you want to transfer and cut (Ctrl+X) or copy (Ctrl+C).
  • After selection, navigate to the folder where you want to paste these photos.
  • And Paste photos by pressing Ctrl+V.

It will take only a few minutes to transfer photos from iPhone to Pc with iTunes. Do not disrupt the connection while photos are being transferred!

Transfer Photos From iPhone to PC with Windows 10 Photos App

In the latest OS from Microsoft, they have packed many cool built-in features. Most of these cool features are not so popular like Windows 10’s built-in photos app. This application is really useful for moving photos from smart devices to the computer. As the layout is very basic, so it is pretty easy to use.

To transfer photos from iPhone to PC on windows 10 using Photos App just follow the below procedure;

  • Connect your iPhone to the PC via Cable.
  • Go to the bottom search bar and type “Photos” to open Photos App.
  • From the Photos App click on Import Icon from the top right corner.
  • Select your iPhone device.
  • Select images you want to transfer.
  • Click on Import.



While selecting the device and final step to import photos windows will ask to delete photos from iPhone after import. You may not want to delete photos from iPhone, therefore leave it unchecked.

This photos app is simple to use and allows you to transfer photos from iPhone to pc (windows 10) in bulk. But, it might not be the best option because it requires your iPhone to be connected with PC during the whole process. And sometimes it may skip or fail to import all of your iPhone photos to PC.

How Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC (Windows 10) without Data Cable

If you have hundreds of photos on your iPhone and you want to transfer them to the PC. You should do it via connecting your iPhone to the PC because it takes less time than moving wirelessly. However, there are many options available you can choose to transfer images from your iPhone to PC without connecting your device with PC.

I do not carry my iPhone’s data cable all the time with myself but I transfer files to and from my cell phone often. Therefore, it is good to have some third-party software that allows transferring data wirelessly. There are many software out there that offer import-export of for iPhone and iPad. Here we will use AirMore to transfer images from iPhone to PC.

Download this application from AppStore.

  • Install and launch the application on your iPhone.
  • Go to WebAirMore on PC’s Web browser.
  • Scan the QR Code or scan under the radar to connect your iPhone.
  • After connecting, click on Images Icon.
  • Make photos selection and click on Import.

While the phone is connected to the PC wirelessly and photos are being transferred make sure the connection is stable. The connection between phone and PC might not be stable sometimes. In this case, you can transfer images using other mentioned in this guide. If you use this application and find it useful please let us and others know in the comment section below.

Transfer Images From iPhone/iPad to PC With iCloud

If you back up your photos regularly on iCloud then you can easily import all photos from your iCloud to PC on windows 10. All you need is to download and install on your pc and connect your iPhone with your pc. Before you start, make sure you have your Apple ID saved somewhere as it will be required during the procedure. Once you are done, just follow the below steps;

  • Open Web Browser on your PC.
  • Download iCloud for Windows.
  • Launch iCloud on PC.
  • Sign-in into iCloud with your Apple ID.
  • Click on Options.
  • Check on My Photo Stream and uncheck New Photos From PC“.
  • Click on the “Done” button.
  • Now, click on “Apply” to transfer all photos.

Once you are done transferring all of your photos from iPhone to your PC. Now you may want to delete these photos from your iPhone as they now stored on PC/Laptop. But before you delete all images from iPhone, make sure it will not get deleted from iCloud.

OR visit: Delete Photos from iPhone but not from iCloud.

Note: All the methods mentioned above can be used to transfer photos from iPhone and iPad to PC (windows 10)

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