Transfer Voice Memos From iPhone to Any Device
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In this detailed post, I will show you “how to transfer voice memos from iPhone to iPhone, Android, PC, MAC, or USB with and without iTunes”. Make use of the below table of contents section and jump to the related section to save your time.

What are voice memos?

Voice Memos are the audio files that we record and save on our iPhone to listen to later on. For some of the users, voice memos are extremely useful.

Why Voice Memos are Important?

transfer-voice-memos-from-iphone-to-mac-with-itunesVoice memos are incredible and I use voice memos to record meetings and business events. Also, instead of taking written notes during the meetings I use voice memos to keep a note of important things for the later use. Similarly, you use can use voice memos to record lectures if you are a student.

Since I record and save voice memos regularly and it’s hard to keep them all organized on my iPhone. So I transfer or download all these voice memos from my iPhone to PC. This way I can keep hundreds of voice memos organized and it also helps me save storage on my iPhone.

If you already know, that we can transfer/Sync voice memos from iPhone to PC with iTunes. This is a good way to sync voice memos from iPhone to PC, but it will sync and transfer all the data from iTunes. With this method, you may also lose some of your important recordings during the process. So, with the below method you can transfer selected voice memos from your iPhone to PC without iTunes.

Transfer Voice Memos From iPhone to PC with iTunes

The process of syncing voice memos from iPhone to PC or Mac with iTunes is quite a simple process. As most of the iPhone users are very familiar with iTunes and syncing files to the computer. Instead of writing down the process, I am sharing a simple step-by-step video tutorial that you can follow to do so.


This video does not only shows how can transfer voice memos from iPhone to PC/Mac using iTunes but also how you can syncing voice memos to the iTunes if not done already.

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How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone to Computer without Syncing

To quickly transfer voice memos from your iPhone to the computer without syncing everything using iTunes, you will have to download a software called AnyTrans. I personally like and use this software a lot on my computer. It does not only allow files transfer from iPhone to the computer but it has many other cool features that I will discuss some other day. You can download this software from its official website or click here.

Once you are done with the download and installation process of AnyTrans, follow the steps given below:

  • Connect your iPhone with PC via cable.
  • Run the software “AnyTrans” on PC.
  • Go to “Audio Folder” and click on “Voice Memos”.
  • Select the Voice Memos” you want to transfer to PC.
  • Now, “click on Import Button” from the “top right section” to start the transfer process.

If you feel confused or stuck at any step please refer to the image for clear instruction. Following the above steps, selected Voice Memos will be available on the computer within a couple of minutes.

How to Transfer Voice Memos from iPhone via Email or Dropbox

If you do not want to go with any of the above methods, then here is another simple way of syncing voice memos. With this method, you can share Voice Memos via email with yourself and others or transfer to Dropbox. You can also save Voice Memos to the computer from the email or Dropbox, once files are successfully shared or uploaded.

Just follow the below steps to complete the process.

  • Open “Voice Memos” app on your iPhone.
  • Tap and hold on the file you want to transfer.
  • From the Menu, tap on the share button.
  • Select Email or Dropbox to share the file.

Once you have transferred selected Voice Memos via email or Dropbox, then you can open the email or Dropbox application on your computer/Mac to download these files.

If you need any kind of assistance with the process just comment below. One of our experts will try to help you out with the process.

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